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Every Wednesday until May 26, 2021

6:55pm – 8:15pm

Category: Children's Ministry

For the fall semester, KHBC will offer two options for families:

  1. In-person club
  2. At-home club

The in-person club would be as similar to our traditional format as possible, but with these changes:

  1. Clubbers directed to wash their hands when they arrive.
  2. Clubbers directed to wash up again after game time.
  3. Social distancing during the handbook and counsel times.
  4. Disinfecting the desks we use at the end of club.

For parents who are not comfortable with this, we will offer the option to work on a book at home, but with more support than we were able to do March through May.

  1. Leaders willing to do video chat would be paired with clubbers and set up a very brief weekly meeting time.
  2. At-home clubbers would still be eligible for the same prizes for completing sections and book awards, etc.
  3. At-home clubbers would be given links on the AWANA website for at least one or two brief devotionals per month and could discuss for a couple of minutes with their mentor.

Parents, this year, instead of registering at the first club meeting, we are requesting that you register online using this link: AWANA Clubber Registration Form. When you follow this link, you will be able to complete one form per clubber and select which club format you want for the fall semester.

We look forward to partnering with you in the discipleship of your children.

In Christ,
Nathan Smith
AWANA Commander

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